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kids and sweets

Haribo sweets are definitely the worst things to give children who get an instant sugar rush from them. I have been with my son all day today and I am absolutely wiped out, almost ready for bed. I gave him

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phone scams continued

This is to do with my previous post about the contact centre scam artists posing as different companies offering you a pay monthly contract. THEY WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE!!! they’re starting to get clever to they use caller witheld so

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work from home jobs, do they exist?

I have been trying my hardest to find a way of making money online or from home and so far the only jobs available seem to be with companies such as avon and kleeneze. I’ve done the avon thing and

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so recently I have been getting calls from all sorts of companies trying to sell me loans, misclaimed PPI, people wanting to reduce my debt by me giving them money to do it, so I’m used to all these different

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1st time blogging

so I’m sitting here eating my haribo sweets and wondering what to do with my time and it occurs to me that writing everything on facebook is not such a good idea as its not anonymous and sometimes we just

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