so recently I have been getting calls from all sorts of companies trying to sell me loans, misclaimed PPI, people wanting to reduce my debt by me giving them money to do it, so I’m used to all these different numbers popping up on my phone, right?


last night this number, 0203051098, rang me telling me they were from vodafone and wanted to offer me the latest samsung S4 for £25 a month, unlimited calls and texts.

they would be sending the phone out in 3-5 days and I would receive a confirmation e-mail of this.


All sounds pretty normal so far?


they asked all the usual questions for security :



previous address over 5 years

single or married

renting or owned

then they asked for my account details to do a AVS? check to confirm I am who I said I was.


I gave them my sort code and account number but not the long number across the top (this is the one they can use to take money out of your account)


I asked them to send me a confirmation e-mail from vodafone before I was willing to give out my bank details.

the operator said the e-mail would take 3 days so I asked if they could ring me back after I’d got it.

He told me I had nothing to worry about and he would pass me on to a verification officer.


Long story short, I was passed on to three different people to try and get my bank details one even said ‘ it doesn’t even have to be your card or a card you use regularly, any card will do ‘


I tried refusing to give them my details and hung up on them, they rang back numerous times ( to the point of harassment and during this time I googled the number to see if it really was vodafone.


this is what I found :


these comments explain that its all a scam so if anybody tries ringing you from this number please report it and get them stopped!


I'm just starting out as a blogger and hope to become an independent seller also. Please add me on facebook to see my latest updates.

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  1. they are also still trying to ring me now

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