kids and sweets

Haribo sweets are definitely the worst things to give children who get an instant sugar rush from them.

I have been with my son all day today and I am absolutely wiped out, almost ready for bed.

I gave him a few sweets during the day and the funniest thing was they weren’t even haribo they were Swizzel’s Matlow, the ones you buy from the pound shop, chew bars, lollies, refreshers n parma violets.

In my personal opinion the parma violets taste like perfume so really not a big fan.

so all day he’s havin fun playin with his cars in a pretty laid back fashion, watching telly and eating all his meals.

3pm he’s decided to use his single bed as a trampoline and by 6pm he still hasn’t stopped.

Now  I’m tired and want him to go to sleep so I use my secret weapon, THE BATH!

We’re in the bath by 6.30 and out by 7pm.

guess where he is now………… bed cuddled up with his cuddly toy and fast asleep, won’t hear from him until 8am tomorrow……RESULT!

moral of the story is never give your kids high sugar sweets especially haribo!



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