Cancer research race for life Sunderland 5K 2014

It’s back again! My favourite event of the year, RACE FOR LIFE!

A time where all women of all ages, sizes and abilities come together to stick it to cancer and raise money for their research.

There are a few different events taking place, including ‘pretty muddy’ I’m not entirely sure what this involves but I think it’s some sort of assault course round the usual track.

There’s also the 5K and the 10K in Sunderland, gateshead and Newcastle, which you can walk, run, or jog around the track.

The 5K and 10K Sunderland one will be held at Herrington County Park on Sunday 25th May at 9.30 and 11.30.

The park is opposite where the old prospect used to be in Penshaw on the main road leading to Shiney Row.

It’s £14.99 to register and enter the race, they then send you your sponsorship form, your number which you can fasten to your T-shirt and a couple of paper wristbands.

You can also buy cancer research T-shirts and jogging bottoms etc from the website

I am definitely no athlete and the race took me an hour and a half just walking, but at least I completed it and very proud I was that I’d contributed something.

I’m doing the 5K again this year, slightly difficult this year as I will be 8 months pregnant and probably going to be ‘advised’ not to do it by midwives, but me being me (very stubborn) I’m still taking part as anyone who tells me not to do something just pushes me on to actually do it even more.

so come on girls!! get your running shoes out and your bottles of water and help us raise money to BEAT CANCER!!!

see you all there

🙂 xx


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