It’s 3am!

So… as I lay here unable to sleep at 3am on a Saturday morning  with nothing to do but write, I suddenly realised I already have a WordPress account !

I’ve spent the last four hours figuring out ways to live for less and dreaming about traveling around the world with £200 in my pocket, realistic yeh I know tell me about it.

Ive spent my whole life moving from place to place trying to find my forever home where I can stay put and have a happy life, but I’ve never found it. Instead I’ve had noisy neighbours, landlords that don’t fix things or give me my money back. Benefits problems, you name it I’ve had the circumstances or ive simply become bored and depressed.

I’ve now come to the conclusion that I’m happiest when exploring new places and a house is just bricks and stuff that doesn’t matter without family to share it with. (I am a mother of two boys who were taken from me against my will)

From this conclusion I have decided to embrace my gypsy spirit and go where the wind takes me, or at least where the cheapest rent with bills included takes me.

That’s the rent sorted. Now for the saving money part. I’ve just looked through and managed to get over a months supply of cooking sauces, multipacks of various items and cat food for the kitten for £75 plus delivery expenses.

I’ve also just discovered who offers cheap deals on meat hampers and various other products I’ve landed myself 2.5kg mince, 2.5kg belly pork and 3.5 kg of chicken fillets for £40 all in all I will have spent £115 for over 2 months worth of food a lot less than I would usually spend buying weekly shopping with a 500g of mince costing £4.00 alone.

I’m hoping if I continue in this way I can save £100-200 easy every month and get closer to my dream.

I’ll update soon on how the food lasting me two months is going.

Bye for now x






I'm just starting out as a blogger and hope to become an independent seller also. Please add me on facebook to see my latest updates.

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