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Before I post this I’d just like to say that this is not my work and it is a Facebook page that caught my eye and I totally relate to this writing….. A Fake Display Of The Divinity (written

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Housing Crisis

The cheapest house I’ve managed to find around my area is £29,000 but where do you get £29,000 from in cash? The average wage is something like £7.20 an hour. Do you know how much money we actually get compared

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President Trump Hypocrisy

I usually don’t pay much attention to politics and the likes of what’s happening in parliament but this man has really made my blood boil. He is a living, breathing representation of everything that is wrong with men these days.

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why is there always a problem with twitter? The fastest way I know possible to get stories and rants out into the world. I joined twitter years ago and rarely used it, then after logging in found all these random

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Government tax increase and human selection

After reading the local newspaper recently I read an article about the government increasing the tax rate and making cuts to certain services to save money. I read that they were cutting £28 billion from health and social care, childcare,

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Escaping the matrix

Do you ever feel like you’re living in the matrix? From the day we are born to the day we die we are programmed to live and act a certain way according to our governments controlling standards. From age two

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This camera does not work, it is battery operated, will not allow you to take more than one photo without an SD card and the battery dies straight away despite the batteries being brand new. DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA!

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