3 days ago I decided to really start putting some effort into getting involved with the world of marketing.

Usually to successfully market a product you need a good few photos of it and some articulate descriptions, so I went out and bought myself a camera to get started.

This was the camera I bought ….vivitar

Product Marketing

The great value E128 camera is as practical as it is stylish. It’s slim enough to fit easily into your bag or pocket, while also boasting an impressive 18-megapixel resolution and 4 x digital zoom. Anti-shake technology stops the picture looking blurry even when you’re moving. Face detection technology automatically focuses on faces when you’re taking a snap.

However despite this description the camera does not allow you to take more than one photo without an SD card (which is not included, neither are the batteries for it!). After I went and bought brand new batteries and an SD card costing a total of £11.34 I tried the camera out. I managed two photos and then the batteries died.

All in all I’ve paid £36.34 for a camera that doesn’t even work for longer than 5 minutes.

I am completely disgusted at this as I didn’t have the money to spare to start with and what’s worse is the fact I couldn’t get my money back as ASDA won’t let you return it if the packaging has been opened (of course it’s been opened! how else am I supposed to test it!)

My first lesson as a newbie in sales and marketing…..Buy a decent camera.


I'm just starting out as a blogger and hope to become an independent seller also. Please add me on facebook to see my latest updates.

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