Escaping the matrix


Do you ever feel like you’re living in the matrix?

From the day we are born to the day we die we are programmed to live and act a certain way according to our governments controlling standards.

From age two until eighteen we are shoved into concentration camps aka nurseries, schools, colleges that teach us how to properly behave and that any thoughts or ideas that go against the governments teachings are wrong. Any creativity we may have or alternative thinking is shot down straight away and brainwashed out of us. (the sky is blue not purple, pink, yellow or other).

We are taught to obey and people with ‘perceived’ mental health problems are dumbed down by ‘prescription drugs’ and locked up out of sight of the public, but some of these people are not a risk to society and are merely more diverse in their way of thinking and see the world in colour instead of black and white.

Take albert Einstein for instance, he didn’t pass his GCSE’s in school but turned out to be a genius and also the guy who discovered the world was round and not flat everyone thought he was crazy until he proved them wrong.

I am one of these people who struggle on a daily basis to cope with the knowledge that some things beyond our existence are actually real and that there is another way of living….we just cant seem to grasp it through lack of funding, social stigmas or fear of speaking out and being imprisoned, killed or drugged up.

To follow on from this post please read my post on THE GOVERNMENTS LATEST CONTROL TACTIC.


I'm just starting out as a blogger and hope to become an independent seller also. Please add me on facebook to see my latest updates.

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