Government tax increase and human selection


After reading the local newspaper recently I read an article about the government increasing the tax rate and making cuts to certain services to save money.

I read that they were cutting £28 billion from health and social care, childcare, libraries, police etc.

I don’t understand much about politics and government etc but my understanding is that the tax we pay to the government pays for all of these services to operate fully. So my question right now is if the government are raising the amount of tax we pay but cutting the amount of money that goes to the services that we need to help us survive then where is all this extra money going??? In their pocket I suspect.

So to follow on from my article on the matrix I believe that the government will continue to make cuts to the money we work for, continue to raise the taxes and continue to make the poor poorer which in my eyes is the same as natural selection if that’s what it’s called? Basically anyone who doesn’t fall into line and follow like the drones they are trying to create will not survive and will become extinct.

My fear is for people like us who are trying to escape the matrix before we become extinct, I feel like we are trapped mice struggling to survive……I have no idea how to escape but I’m working on it!


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