President Trump Hypocrisy


I usually don’t pay much attention to politics and the likes of what’s happening in parliament but this man has really made my blood boil. He is a living, breathing representation of everything that is wrong with men these days.

There are groups and professional organizations all over the world trying to support women who are going through or have been through domestic abuse and this guy gets elected as president! what the fuck is wrong with you people!?

His behavior and attitude towards women is disgusting and he might as well be flying a flag that supports domestic abuse! I’m glad to say I’m not from America because otherwise there would be hell on and an uprising of women trying to get him shut down.

My other strong opinion is about this refugee ban he imposed, how ridiculous!

I always said to people that if all these terrorists were coming from all these refugee countries then the government should stop letting them in, problem solved!

Well, until president trump did it in America that is.

He is saying that America needs protecting from all these countries because basically they’re all terrorists, rapists, murderers etc.

OK then MR. Trump I have a question for you then,

What country was Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and all the other members of authority from? you know, the ones that were convicted paedophiles and such?? They weren’t refuges were they?? So I put it to you that if you’re trying to keep us safe from all these horrendous people maybe you should ban every country from entering America…..Just to be safe!


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