Housing Crisis

The cheapest house I’ve managed to find around my area is £29,000 but where do you get £29,000 from in cash? The average wage is something like £7.20 an hour.

Do you know how much money we actually get compared to how many hours we work in a year? here’s what I think:

If you pushed yourself to work at least 40 hours a week for a month that’s £1,152 a month for doing 160 hours.

Sounds okay doesn’t it? but then minus your deductions in tax (different for everybody) say 20% (- £230.40) you’re left with £921.60.

As an estimated calculation of the bills we need to pay out monthly this is what I’ve come up with as a minimum outgoing that could be managed;

Rent £375 (on average its usually more nationwide )

Electric £10 (weekly) / £40 monthly.

Gas £20 (weekly) / £80 monthly.

Food £20/£30 (weekly for a single person) / £80 / £120 monthly.

T.V license (if you pay it ) £35 every 3 months (£11.66 monthly).

council tax including a 25% single person’s discount (£400 every six months) £66.66 monthly.

Up to now you’re left with £268.28 if you’ve paid out the lesser amount of the calculation.

£228.28 if you’ve paid the higher amount

Then factor in your mobile bill £10 at least (monthly)

Transport £18 a week maybe by bus for one zone. ( £72 monthly)

£186.28 / £146.28 left to last a month.

This may seem ok to you but then you have to consider you’re other outgoings such as water rates (I have no idea what these are other than maybe £173 a year? I think that’s £14.41 a month)

£171.87 / £131.87 left for the month, not to mention spending money on clothes, nights out, luxuries, take away meals, anything we want really.

I’m rambling a bit aren’t I. Basically what I’m saying is we are working ourselves into the ground every month for what seems like pennies in comparison.

In my calculation if we worked 160 hours a month for a year (1,920 hours) and were basically left with £171.87 / £131.87 a month to spend that is the equivalent of

£2,062.44 / £1,582.44  earned in a full year.

What’s the solution??? work more hours? hell no! move abroad?… maybe but that’s still at least £8,000 you need. The way our country is going at the minute this is our only solution……


Thanks for reading.

Please donate to the campaign https://www.gofundme.com/governmentcuts


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3 comments on “Housing Crisis
  1. Livonne says:

    Trust me.. Australia isn’t a whole lot better sadly…

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