Fundraising to offset Government cuts

I once set up a crowd funding page entitled ‘can you spare just 10p?’ asking for people all over the world to donate me just that, 10p, with the idea that if lots of people did this I would have enough money to help me out of my struggles to pay for solicitors etc for personal reasons which I included on the page.

I set this up and shared it on my personal Facebook page with friends and family and the amount of abuse I got was unreal and very cruel, with people saying the usual things like ‘get a job’ ‘why do you need a solicitor?’ ‘why have they done that to you?’ ‘what did you do?’ and various other.

I explained my case and asked why I needed to explain myself when people who beg for money on the street don’t get asked these questions and people willingly give away their spare change as a matter of good will and all I was asking for was literally 10p!                   Just because a person doesn’t look scruffy or starving or other physically obvious signs doesn’t mean they’re not struggling and need your help. The only difference is I’m a little too proud to be gawked at on the street and have access to internet.

I also explained that I know I’m not dying of cancer or terminally ill, lost my home in a flood, or other terrible crisis but that didn’t mean I was any less important in my needs.

So out of interest as to how many people are willing to help I’m setting up the page again  as a fundraiser for all the charities who help the homeless, terminally ill, kids charities and also myself to see how far widespread I can get this.

I’m hoping to raise £28 billion ( I know!) to cover the cuts that the government are making to resources and also to support the Domestic Abuse charity  Women In Need.

Once I’ve hit quite a lot of money I’ll start making the donations and posting screenshots of proceeds that have been donated to the charities.

Please follow the link



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