ridiculous expectations

I haven’t wrote for a while but I thought I should today as my thought process is bogging me down.

I’ve spent the last maybe 4 hours doing job search and it’s not the job hunting that’s getting me down.

Those of you who are my age or thereabouts will remember that the jobcentre used to put us on ‘work programmes’ aka sit in a room all day with a guy/girl behind you watching you do job search from 9am until 4pm every day Monday to Friday.

they also offered ‘wellbeing courses’ aka telling you in many different and encouraging ways that the way to get through your depression,anxiety, other possible ailments is to have a ‘routine’ and ‘exercise routine’ during the day aka a job!.

The latest addition to this is on universal credit where you still see an advisor every week to check what you’re doing and we’re now expected to record 35 hours of job search a week, that’s job searching from 10am – 4pm on most public access computers or 7am -12 at home if you would still prefer to have a life.

I’ve tried various ways to argue about this but none work, including I’m studying online, I have other responsibilities, appointments, travel times between appointments etc etc.

The jobcentre does not class studying as an exception to the 35 hour rule we’re expected to sit in front of a computer all our life until we find a job to be stuck to all our life instead.

For me this just won’t do and I’m applying abroad for a better life and just a call back with a possibility of a start.

au revoir mon amis x


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