random ramble and international disputes

……………….so it seems after a painfully slow many months of hitting brick walls and the internet denying me the relevant information, I seem to have made a tiny crack of which I intend to chip away at until the massive problem becomes non – existent.

This website which I have discovered today has a lot of information that you probably didn’t know about and which solicitors will never tell you about!


It’s basically a European version of gov.uk with links to information on different countries laws and legal aid application forms.

so….. for anyone who is fighting social services and our shitty country’s legal laws on children being removed from the country ( which is a hell of a lot lately, it’s their new tactic on problem families, ‘remove the child from the jurisdiction of the court’ ) there is still hope you can fight in another country with different laws.

As yet this is as far as I’ve got in this matter but will update once I start making headway.



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