Housing Crisis

The cheapest house I’ve managed to find around my area is £29,000 but where do you get £29,000 from in cash? The average wage is something like £7.20 an hour.

Do you know how much money we actually get compared to how many hours we work in a year? here’s what I think:

If you pushed yourself to work at least 40 hours a week for a month that’s £1,152 a month for doing 160 hours.

Sounds okay doesn’t it? but then minus your deductions in tax (different for everybody) say 20% (- £230.40) you’re left with £921.60.

As an estimated calculation of the bills we need to pay out monthly this is what I’ve come up with as a minimum outgoing that could be managed;

Rent £375 (on average its usually more nationwide )

Electric £10 (weekly) / £40 monthly.

Gas £20 (weekly) / £80 monthly.

Food £20/£30 (weekly for a single person) / £80 / £120 monthly.

T.V license (if you pay it ) £35 every 3 months (£11.66 monthly).

council tax including a 25% single person’s discount (£400 every six months) £66.66 monthly.

Up to now you’re left with £268.28 if you’ve paid out the lesser amount of the calculation.

£228.28 if you’ve paid the higher amount

Then factor in your mobile bill £10 at least (monthly)

Transport £18 a week maybe by bus for one zone. ( £72 monthly)

£186.28 / £146.28 left to last a month.

This may seem ok to you but then you have to consider you’re other outgoings such as water rates (I have no idea what these are other than maybe £173 a year? I think that’s £14.41 a month)

£171.87 / £131.87 left for the month, not to mention spending money on clothes, nights out, luxuries, take away meals, anything we want really.

I’m rambling a bit aren’t I. Basically what I’m saying is we are working ourselves into the ground every month for what seems like pennies in comparison.

In my calculation if we worked 160 hours a month for a year (1,920 hours) and were basically left with £171.87 / £131.87 a month to spend that is the equivalent of

£2,062.44 / £1,582.44  earned in a full year.

What’s the solution??? work more hours? hell no! move abroad?… maybe but that’s still at least £8,000 you need. The way our country is going at the minute this is our only solution……


Thanks for reading.

Please donate to the campaign https://www.gofundme.com/governmentcuts

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President Trump Hypocrisy


I usually don’t pay much attention to politics and the likes of what’s happening in parliament but this man has really made my blood boil. He is a living, breathing representation of everything that is wrong with men these days.

There are groups and professional organizations all over the world trying to support women who are going through or have been through domestic abuse and this guy gets elected as president! what the fuck is wrong with you people!?

His behavior and attitude towards women is disgusting and he might as well be flying a flag that supports domestic abuse! I’m glad to say I’m not from America because otherwise there would be hell on and an uprising of women trying to get him shut down.

My other strong opinion is about this refugee ban he imposed, how ridiculous!

I always said to people that if all these terrorists were coming from all these refugee countries then the government should stop letting them in, problem solved!

Well, until president trump did it in America that is.

He is saying that America needs protecting from all these countries because basically they’re all terrorists, rapists, murderers etc.

OK then MR. Trump I have a question for you then,

What country was Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and all the other members of authority from? you know, the ones that were convicted paedophiles and such?? They weren’t refuges were they?? So I put it to you that if you’re trying to keep us safe from all these horrendous people maybe you should ban every country from entering America…..Just to be safe!

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why is there always a problem with twitter?

The fastest way I know possible to get stories and rants out into the world.

I joined twitter years ago and rarely used it, then after logging in found all these random people from countries I’d never heard of were on my friends list posting all sorts of things in different languages.

Needless to say this account was deleted some many years ago.

Three days ago I joined again under a different email and set away building my account to promote my blog…so far so good I thought. Two days ago I tried to log in and was told my account had been blocked and I needed a verification code sent to my mobile via a phone call. I’ve requested this phone call four times now and can’t find another way of getting back in my account. Any ideas?

I’m really frustrated and it’s killing my promotional opportunities.

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Government tax increase and human selection


After reading the local newspaper recently I read an article about the government increasing the tax rate and making cuts to certain services to save money.

I read that they were cutting £28 billion from health and social care, childcare, libraries, police etc.

I don’t understand much about politics and government etc but my understanding is that the tax we pay to the government pays for all of these services to operate fully. So my question right now is if the government are raising the amount of tax we pay but cutting the amount of money that goes to the services that we need to help us survive then where is all this extra money going??? In their pocket I suspect.

So to follow on from my article on the matrix I believe that the government will continue to make cuts to the money we work for, continue to raise the taxes and continue to make the poor poorer which in my eyes is the same as natural selection if that’s what it’s called? Basically anyone who doesn’t fall into line and follow like the drones they are trying to create will not survive and will become extinct.

My fear is for people like us who are trying to escape the matrix before we become extinct, I feel like we are trapped mice struggling to survive……I have no idea how to escape but I’m working on it!

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Escaping the matrix


Do you ever feel like you’re living in the matrix?

From the day we are born to the day we die we are programmed to live and act a certain way according to our governments controlling standards.

From age two until eighteen we are shoved into concentration camps aka nurseries, schools, colleges that teach us how to properly behave and that any thoughts or ideas that go against the governments teachings are wrong. Any creativity we may have or alternative thinking is shot down straight away and brainwashed out of us. (the sky is blue not purple, pink, yellow or other).

We are taught to obey and people with ‘perceived’ mental health problems are dumbed down by ‘prescription drugs’ and locked up out of sight of the public, but some of these people are not a risk to society and are merely more diverse in their way of thinking and see the world in colour instead of black and white.

Take albert Einstein for instance, he didn’t pass his GCSE’s in school but turned out to be a genius and also the guy who discovered the world was round and not flat everyone thought he was crazy until he proved them wrong.

I am one of these people who struggle on a daily basis to cope with the knowledge that some things beyond our existence are actually real and that there is another way of living….we just cant seem to grasp it through lack of funding, social stigmas or fear of speaking out and being imprisoned, killed or drugged up.

To follow on from this post please read my post on THE GOVERNMENTS LATEST CONTROL TACTIC.

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3 days ago I decided to really start putting some effort into getting involved with the world of marketing.

Usually to successfully market a product you need a good few photos of it and some articulate descriptions, so I went out and bought myself a camera to get started.

This was the camera I bought ….vivitar

Product Marketing

The great value E128 camera is as practical as it is stylish. It’s slim enough to fit easily into your bag or pocket, while also boasting an impressive 18-megapixel resolution and 4 x digital zoom. Anti-shake technology stops the picture looking blurry even when you’re moving. Face detection technology automatically focuses on faces when you’re taking a snap.

However despite this description the camera does not allow you to take more than one photo without an SD card (which is not included, neither are the batteries for it!). After I went and bought brand new batteries and an SD card costing a total of £11.34 I tried the camera out. I managed two photos and then the batteries died.

All in all I’ve paid £36.34 for a camera that doesn’t even work for longer than 5 minutes.

I am completely disgusted at this as I didn’t have the money to spare to start with and what’s worse is the fact I couldn’t get my money back as ASDA won’t let you return it if the packaging has been opened (of course it’s been opened! how else am I supposed to test it!)

My first lesson as a newbie in sales and marketing…..Buy a decent camera.

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How to survive on very little

So…..I’ve finally done it… I survived for a whole 4 months without a fridge-freezer, washing machine and minimal income.

How did I do that? in a very painstakingly slow way consisting of buying food on an almost daily basis, using the launderette maybe once a month and doing virtually nothing other than reading, using the internet and walking back and forth to the local supermarket.

My diet mainly consisted of sausages, taties and veg. Food parcels from the local food bank and clearance meat from the local supermarket and energy drinks. In no way was this a healthy diet or even a happy way of living, I was completely depressed with no support but have finally made it through, so to thank the food parcel people I am currently in the process of trying to write a kindle book on how to survive with very little and this will be coming soon.

I’m also in the process of buying a camera to make this blog a little bit more interesting and informative and to upload pictures of the cheap meals I made.

Thanks for reading x

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